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What Makes Highland Ridge RV, Inc. Green?

  • Recycling of materials such as, wood, cardboard, metals, and styrofoam.
  • Side walls cut-outs are re-fitted to make baggage doors and slide-out walls.
  • Aluminum used in floor and side walls for lighter weight.
  • Construction waste management plan in place with a goal of recycling or salvaging a minimum of 50% of construction waste.
  • Bio-based products such as engineered wood used in construction.
  • Nitrogen filled tires.
  • Water for water tank testing is recycled.
  • Aerodynamic cap and lighter for better gas mileage while hauling.

*Due to continual research and advances, manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications, design, price, and equipment without notice, and assumes no responsibility for any error in the literature. Some items shown are not included as standard or optional equipment.