Own the Outdoors in a Highland Ridge RV

Go and explore the wide world and bring a comfortable home along for the ride with a travel trailer or fifth wheel RV from Highland Ridge RV. We aim to create a comfortable, high-quality living space that can keep up with your adventures. From start to finish, our RVs are designed to give you more for less—more space, more amenities, and more freedom with less weight and less hassle. Browse our full line of unique travel trailers and fifth wheel floorplans to find just the right trailer to hit the road with you, wherever you may roam.

The Highland Assurance

The Highland Assurance is our promise to quality and innovation. It's building RVs that are rooted in the needs and suggestions of our customers. Most importantly, it's about giving you the assurance of an enjoyable trouble-free RV experience. But even if there is trouble, we've got your back.

This is our mission at Highland Ridge RV. It's the life blood that runs in our veins. It drives us to innovate and revolutionize the RV industry and it's why our products are 10 - 15% lighter than the competition.

Why Are We Lighter?

Highland Ridge RVs are built to withstand the harshest of environments. We put our products into a zero degree chamber for five hours with thermometers placed in key areas throughout the unit. The results speak for themselves.

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At Highland Ridge, we are always pursuing perfection through innovation and quality. Our continuous improvement process starts with you! Your RV experiences drive the evolution of our products forward in a constant state of improvement.

More On Our Quality

At Highland Ridge RV, we want you to spend less time worrying and more time owning the outdoors. That's why we're proud to back our products with a 3-Year Limited Structural Warranty, plus a 1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

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All Highland Ridge RVs come standard with a PVC roofing membrane. This maintenance free roof will not chalk, spot or streak and requires no treatments ever. It's the most energy efficient/reflective roof on the market and the unmatched strength of the PVC membrane is backed by a 15 year/ non-prorated warranty.

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Discover Your Highland Ridge RV

Silverstar S-Lite Exteriors

2021 Silverstar S-Lite
Lightweight Travel Trailers

Mesa Ridge S-Lite Exteriors

2021 Mesa Ridge S-Lite
Lightweight Travel Trailers

Range Lite Exteriors

2021 Range Lite
Lightweight Travel Trailers

Open Range Conventional Exteriors

2021 Open Range Conventional
Conventional Travel Trailers

Ultra Lite Exteriors

2021 Ultra Lite
Lightweight Travel Trailers

Mesa Ridge Lite Exteriors

2021 Mesa Ridge Lite
Lightweight Travel Trailers

Silverstar Lite Exteriors

2021 Silverstar Lite
Lightweight Travel Trailers

Light Exteriors

2021 Light
Lightweight Fifth Wheels/Travel Trailers

Mesa Ridge Limited Exteriors

2021 Mesa Ridge Limited
Lightweight Fifth Wheels/Travel Trailers

Silverstar Limited Exteriors

2021 Silverstar Limited
Lightweight Fifth Wheels/Travel Trailers

Roamer Exteriors

2021 Roamer
Mid-Profile Fifth Wheels

Mesa Ridge XLT Exteriors

2021 Mesa Ridge XLT
Mid-Profile Fifth Wheels

Silverstar XLT Exteriors

2021 Silverstar XLT
Mid-Profile Fifth Wheels

Open Range Exteriors

2021 Open Range
Full-Profile Fifth Wheels/Travel Trailers

Mesa Ridge Exteriors

2021 Mesa Ridge
Full-Profile Fifth Wheels/Travel Trailers

Silverstar Exteriors

2021 Silverstar
Full-Profile Fifth Wheels/Travel Trailers

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