Did you know, starting in 2023 ALL of our RVs have a solar power option available? Adding a manufacturer-installed solar power system, means that there is no need to worry about warranty voids due to after-market solar outfitting. With added safety, innovation and monitoring features, you'll enjoy your next off-grid adventure and have the extra freedom that solar power provides. From our single axle travel trailers to our luxury wide-body fifth wheels, there is now a solar package option for your unit.


With our premium solar package, RVers will be able to travel carefree, knowing that they have enough power to run the necessities without being tied down by electrical hookups. The Xtend Solar II was designed to keep you going without the hassle. This system offers extra energy with two 200 watt solar panels, a regulated charge with a 30 amp MPPT RV-C Solar Controller or 30 amp Digital PWM Solar Controller and the added confidence of energy compatibility provided by a 1800 watt RC-C Inverter.

  • 2-200 watt Solar Panels 
  • 30 amp Digital PWM Solar Controller 
  • 1800 watt RV-C Inverter
  • 2-200 watt Solar Panels 
  • 30 amp MPPT RV-C Solar Controller 
  • 1800 watt RV-C Inverter
Available on: 2024 Range Lite TT & Light TT  Available on: 2024 Open Range TT, Open Range FW, Roamer FW, & Roamer Light Duty FW


 RV life is all about taking charge of your journey and finding the perfect destination. When adding solar power to your next travel trailer, you will be able to take your next adventure to a whole new level. You can now order your travel trailer with a 200 watt solar panel installed with a 30 amp Digital PWM solar controller for the optimal off-grid experience, hassle-free.

  • 200 watt Solar Panel 
  • 30 amp Digital PWM Solar Controller

Standard on all 2024 Highland Ridge Products

(Mandatory option on Range Lite Air)

Solar Power Explained

Solar power makes freedom and flexibility possible.  Escape from those crowded RV resorts and go off-grid in with our Xtend Solar Power Management Systems.  Solar systems provide power through the pairing of solar panels and batteries. Solar power is generated by using solar panels to source energy from the sun, which is then stored in batteries. Complete your set up with lithium batteries to extend the lifespan and get the total value of the solar system investment. 



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