Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most frequent questions we get asked.

Can I purchase an RV directly from Highland Ridge RV?

No. Highland Ridge RV is not licensed or authorized to sell retail units. Click here to find your nearest dealer.

Where can I find my Vehicle Identification Number? (VIN #)

You can locate your VIN number on the pin box/A-frame of your RV. You will also find a data sticker on the side of your RV which has the VIN number as well. It is very important to have your VIN number handy when contacting your dealer.

How often should I check my exterior seals?

Exterior seals should be checked four times a year. Touch up and reseal on an as-needed basis. Contact your dealer for specifics on sealants needed.

Can I install a receiver on my RV?

No. Some coaches can be equipped with a 1-1/4" receiver designed to carry bikes. Weight must not exceed 125 lbs. Contact your dealer for details.

Can I obtain schematics/wiring diagrams for my RV?

No. Highland Ridge RV does not have schematics available for public distribution. If you have a technical question or concern, you should contact your selling dealership for assistance.

Do I have to use Nitrogen to reinflate my tires or can I use air to inflate my tires?

Putting air in your tires in place of nitrogen will not harm your tires.

Can I order parts directly from Highland Ridge RV?

No. Highland Ridge RV does not sell parts directly to retail customers. Contact your selling dealership to order parts.

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