Continuous Improvement Process Diagram

Highland Ridge RV

Continuous Improvement Process

At Highland Ridge, we are always pursuing perfection through innovation and quality. Our continuous improvement process starts with you! Your RV experiences drive the evolution of our products forward in a constant state of improvement. See why Highland Ridge is the right choice for your outdoor adventures.


From the product managers to the cabinet installers, communication fosters understanding that leads to a better product.


Expectations set a baseline for quality and standards.


Accountability through quality control ensures our expectations are being met.

Employee Development

Leaders help their teams discover and reach their full potential.

Team Contributions

New employees work beside veterans as a team to ensure consistent quality results.

System Documentation

Thorough documentation sets the benchmark measurement and improvement.

Process Driven

Processes are put in place to improve production.

Customer Experience

It all circles back to you and your RV experiences, which drive communication to improve our products.

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