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Highlander Travel Trailer Construction Cut-Away

1PVC Roof Material
2R-38 Reflective Foil Insulation
3R-14 Batten Insulation
45" Roof Truss
5Foam A/C Ducting
6Exterior Wall Substrate
7R-9 Block Foam Insulation
9Laminated Slide-Out End Walls (R-9)
10Frameless Windows
11Double Layer Luan
14BeauFlor® Vinyl Flooring
15Plywood Decking
17"Darco" Anti-Puncture Material
182" x 3" Aluminum Header
21Steel I-Beam Frame
221" Thick Double Insulated Baggage Doors
26Lamilux 1000 Gel Coated Fiberglass
33Rubber Seal (Outside)
34Water Dam
35Rubber Seal (Inside)
36Bulb Seal
373M Flashing Tape
38Butyl Tape
40Geo-Cell Caulk

Highlander Travel Trailer Heating Diagram

Heating Diagram

Open Range products have a unique and incredible heating system. We start with a 4 inch heat duct from the furnace down the the underbelly in place of the 2 inch some of the competitors use. All of our tanks are suspended between the I beams in the underbelly allowing us to have forced air heat blowing from the 4 inch heat duct surrounding the tanks with warm air flow.

How do we get the air flow? Simply by having a return at the end of the tanks going back into the coach. The secret is that simple. We put a return in their underbelly to allow air flow over the tanks instead of a pressurizing system that occurs in other brands.

Highland Ridge RV Zero Degree Tested

Open Range products are built to withstand the harshest of environments. We put our products into a zero degree chamber for five hours with thermometers placed in key areas throughout the unit.

The Results

Bedroom 72°F
Kitchen 70°F
Slide-Out 66°F
Bathroom 72°F
Living Room 70°F
Waste Water Tank 62°F
Storage Under RV 58°F

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