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Travel in comfort all year long with the Open Range 3X luxury fifth wheel. Designed to be a four season fifth wheel, the Open Range 3x features three-inch-thick walls with a Thermal Barrier that provides 50-100% more insulation than similar fifth wheels and prevents heat or cold from transferring into coach. You won't believe all the space inside this luxurious fifth wheel! All floor plans have 7-foot slide-out heights and many offer 42-inch deep slides, boasting 15-feet of interior width when opened. Plus, you'll find luxurious finishes including stainless steel appliances, wood framed windows, stackable washer/dryer capability, arched ceilings and much more. With a lighter weight that's easier to tow and more luxury than most fifth wheels, you'll want to take a closer look at the Open Range 3X.

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Open Range 3X Top Features

Our industry leading 102" exterior width gives us a HUGE advantage when comparing to competitors in our market segment. The additional 4" comparing to others at 96", gives us more opportunity with: floorplans, length, balance, depth on interior features, and more living space for the customer to enjoy!

3" Thick Sidewall with 3/4" Vapor Barrier

The 4-Corner compression both inside and out helps eliminate wind gusts and water leaks. It may cost more money to product but saves on warranty issues down the road. It eliminates the need to cut 4 to 6 inch holes in the I-beam for the traditional slide out bars to slide through. This allows Highland Ridge to utilize a smaller I-beam than our competitors while still offering a stronger chassis!
It eliminates the rocking or jumping traditional slides can have due to only being pushed out or pulled in at one point. The accu-slide has 4 corners on the outside and 4 corners on the inside holding it in exact place to ensure smooth effortless operation.
The accu-slide allows Highland Ridge to put the motor on the inside of the coach out of the exterior elements. Also easier to reach or get to if needed to manually override due to loss of power. If you need to replace the motor years down the road after warranty has run out, there is no need to drop the underbelly or pay the amount of hours it would take to get the competitors motors.
The Accu-slide holds the slide-out in place at 4 points inside and out making impossible to push on or move the slide out. This why the accu-slide can be used even if you can only put it out part of the way. Other slide-outs have to be out all the way or in all the way to protect from water leaks or wind and bug issues. Accu-slide is sealed in all positions!
Some of the competition is now using the accu-slide on their bed slides for all these wonderful reasons. This proves the importance of this slide-out system. When it comes to warranty issues competitors will use what is best. The due to cost, will go back to a cheaper system on the larger slide outs.

1. Properly Aligned Axles
-reduce wear and fatigue on chassis and chassis components
-improve fuel mileage
-dramatically improves tire life
-reduce vibration damage to coach, its systems and contents
-reduce chucking and increase comfort of vehicle occupants
2. Avoids having to cut hangers off to realign axles
3. Allows up to 1" adjustment per axle

Helps with overall heating of the unit and especially storage areas.
An extra layer of R-38 Reflective Foil underneath the tanks to provide that added peace of mind when camping in colder climates.
Taller profile front cap that allows for stackable washer/dryer in front closet (fifth wheel only) and also provides a more aggressive look.
Keep your storage items from freezing in colder climates.

The JT Strong Arms virtually eliminate movement both front-to-back and side-to-side on the unit. These telescopic arms mount permanently on the bottom portion of each jack leg to make it easy for set-up and take down.

The Equa-Flex rubber-cushioned equalizer absorbs road shock like a sponge and prevents damage caused by a bumpy ride. Equa-Flex also reduces fore to aft movement to provide a smooth, safe ride.

No more hassle of trying to keep carpet clean in high traffic areas

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