Highlander Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel Construction

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Highlander Fifth Wheel Construction Cut-Away

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Roof Design

Double batten insulation with a layer of radiant foil extends from the bottom of the rear wall to the bottom of the front and is capped at both ends. The plywood decking is secured with screws and topped with a PVC roof that does not chalk, streak or need yearly conditioning and features heat reflecting properties that help keep your coach cooler in the summer.

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Slide Outs

Slide outs are constructed with laminated components that include 3M flashing tape along the corners to help prevent leaks. Superior wall, roof and floor construction feature added insulation and allow for taller and deeper slides creating a comfortable, open and spacious environment. Flush floor and above floor slides feature the Accu-Slide cable system providing four points of compression when placed in the "In and Out" positions.

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Laminated Sidewalls

Each wall and slide roof is constructed using double-welded aluminum frames and is laminated with rigid foam insulation. For a superior wall construction.

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Main Body

The main body is built with 12" steel I-beams and features 7,000 lb. axles and aluminum rim wheels with nitrogen-filled tires. The underbelly is fully enclosed and designed to prevent freeze-ups by containing the heat that is circulated around the suspended holding tanks by our industry-leading heating system.

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Doors & Locks

An oversize entrance door features a large window with an integrated shade, and a built-in screen door. The double-insulated passage and storage doors include slam latches (most doors)and are also equipped with a key-alike system for added convenience and security.

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Double-welded framed floors are insulated with rigid foam, wrapped in radiant foil and anti-puncture Darco material and strengthened with an overlapping double layer of laminate. With insulated garage floor.

Highlander Top Features

PVC Roofing Membrane

PVC Roofing Membrane

Spacious interior

Spacious interior

100" Wide body, 42" deep main slides, 84" tall slide-out ceilings.

Fuel Tank and Dispenser

Fuel Tank & Dispenser

30 gallon fuel tank for toys & generator.

Power Awning

Power Awning

Protected with FLXguard® and LED lighting.

Lino Flush Floor Slide System

Lino Flush Floor Slide System

Seamless transition between floors (no carpet).

3000 Lb. Rated Garage Capacity

3000 Lb. Rated Garage Capacity

Based on overall GVWR.

15K A/C Residential Return Air

15K A/C Residential Return Air

Superior cooling with quiet operation.

4 or 6-Point Auto Electric Leveling with JT Strong Arms

4 or 6-Point Auto Electric Leveling with JT Strong Arms

Quickly & safely stabilize your RV.

5000 Lb. Rated Tie Downs

5000 Lb. Rated Tie Downs

Safely secure your cargo with tie downs secured to the frame.

Highlander Fifth Wheel Heating Diagram

Heating Diagram

Highlander products have a unique and incredible heating system. We start with a 4 inch heat duct from the furnace down to the underbelly in place of the 2 inch some of the competitors use. All of our tanks are suspended between the I beams in the underbelly allowing us to have forced air heat blowing from the 4 inch heat duct surrounding the tanks with warm air flow.

How do we get the air flow? Simply by having a return at the end of the tanks going back into the coach. The secret is that simple. We put a return in the underbelly that allows for continuous airflow around the suspended tanks. Other brands don’t have a return system and that causes static pressure to build up, not allowing proper airflow around the tanks.

Highland Ridge RV Zero Degree Tested

Highlander products are built to withstand the harshest of environments. We put our products into a zero degree chamber for five hours with thermometers placed in key areas throughout the unit.

The Results

Bedroom 72°F
Kitchen 70°F
Slide-Out 66°F
Bathroom 72°F
Living Room 70°F
Waste Water Tank 62°F
Storage Under RV 58°F

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