The Best RV for Large Families

February 29, 2024

The Best RV for Large Families

Whether you have one kid or three or more, the best way to ensure a comfortable camping trip for everyone is by picking the right RV. For starters, determine what type of RV works best for your family and budget.

Class A Motorhomes are big enough to bring everyone, but can break the bank when it comes to purchasing one, with most going for upwards of $100,000. Class B and Class C Motorhomes don’t offer enough space for large families. While some traditional travel trailers may have the space to accommodate a large family, a fifth wheel offers the most bang for your buck and is often roomier than a traditional travel trailer. But which fifth wheel to go with? Enter the Highland Ridge Open Range Fifth Wheel, which sleeps up to 10 across all its various unique floorplans.

The Open Range Fifth Wheel – Sleeping Space for All

Open Range’s innovative, multi-level layouts offer sought-after luxurious amenities, but don’t let the thought of combining kids with luxury scare you off. While the Open Range features amenities not often found in other fifth wheels, it’s completely family-friendly and ready for all the use a family can give it on a camping adventure.

Sleeping spaces vary in each floorplan, with some featuring a central or rear bunkhouse, a loft, flip-up bunk beds, king and queen beds in the master bedroom and furniture that functions as seating in the day and sleeping space at night.

Best RV Kitchen for a Large Family

Beyond sleeping space, the Highland Ridge Open Range Fifth Wheel boasts a kitchen that rivals a residential home kitchen, residential size appliances included. The Open Range Fifth Wheel kitchen has a large freestanding oven with a four-burner range, residential microwave and double door residential refrigerator with built in ice and water. There’s room to bring enough food for everyone and ample space to prepare it on the kitchen island.

Since camping is all about the great outdoors, it only makes sense that you also have the option to prepare your meals outdoors, too. The Open Range offers an outdoor kitchen with everything you need to serve up meals al fresco. The outdoor kitchen on most floorplans features a griddle, sink, refrigerator, cutting board, and storage space for utensils and other cooking items.

The 2-2-2 Rule – (Helpful when traveling with a large family)

The 2-2-2 Rule in RVing says that an RVer should drive less than 200 miles a day, stop every two hours, and arrive to your destination by 2 p.m. Some also say you shouldn’t stay more than two nights at a destination, but this is debatable. The 2-2-2 Rule keeps safety in mind, preventing driver fatigue with frequent stop and stretch breaks. Besides, stopping more often will allow you to take in more random sights. Largest ball of twine anybody?

Driving while towing a large fifth wheel is very different than simply driving down the road in a regular vehicle on a road trip. It’s more fatiguing and requires more attention and concentration on the driver’s part. Not driving more than 200 miles helps keep you and your family safe on the road. Stopping at 200 miles also keeps your family happier. Long road trips and kids can quickly become a recipe for bickering siblings, annoying tattling, poking and threats from Dad to “Pull this rig over.”

Arriving at your destination by 2 p.m. is good idea so you have plenty of daylight and time to set up your RV and campsite while the kids explore the campground. Trying to park your RV in a back-in site while other campers wait to drive their RVs in can be stressful, and the later in the day the more likely there will be more arrivals. So, get there by 2 p.m., get set up and start enjoying time with your family around the fire.

Even better, enjoy the fire while listening to your Open Range JBL® Aura Cube stereo with Bluetooth® and miZONE™ technology on JBL® Premium indoor and outdoor multizone speakers. And the TravelLINK Smart RV Bluetooth system allows you to easily control the awnings, lighting, slides, heating, cooling, auto-levelers and more.

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