Holidays in an RV

December 22, 2023

Holidays in an RV

Holiday’s in an RV
Now that the holidays are upon us, let’s talk about spending holidays in your RV.

For us, when we sold our sticks and bricks house for this travel life in our camper our kiddos were only 1.5 and 3. We knew that we wanted to keep the tradition of holidays alive and knew would go make that happen even living in a RV. As a family of 4 living and traveling in our open range fifth wheel for the past 3 years we have celebrated Christmas, birthdays, easters, thanksgiving and all the holidays in between. For us this has been one of the most special things. Being able to travel for the holidays in the comfort of your own home and dodge the craziness of airports, rental cars and hotels is priceless. We have been able to travel to see family that we may otherwise only see once a year, if that. We have been able to travel to destinations that we wanted to experience for certain holidays. And we have been able to still go back to our hometown to spend some of these holidays in a familiar place with friends and family.

Our fifth wheel has some of the same amenities that a regular house has to offer. I can store food for holiday gatherings in our residential size fridge. I can cook big holiday meals using our residential stove and cooktop. And we have plenty of space to host small gatherings inside and larger ones outside. I decorate for all holidays in our camper, and we even have a 6.5 ft. Christmas tree. So, if you are wondering what in the world families who live in their RV’s do for the holidays, the answer is simple, we enjoy all the same holiday festivities that you would in a traditional house. Yes, they may be a bit smaller, with not as much stuff but that was the whole purpose of this lifestyle. Living Lighter and Loving Life!
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